Different ways of growing older

Grant’s been touring solo lately – after many years of never leaving the cities – playing old Nova Mob, Husker Du, & solo stuff. Somone on the sugarlist compared him to the future Bart in the episode where Lisa’s president, & the comparison seems valid. The music’s still good, and he’s in good voice, but having seen him twice this year doing the same set makes me wish there was some new stuff.

Clint hasn’t really done much musically since MOB broke up. The reunion tour prompted a new band, & the new s/t album is one of the best I’ve heard this year. It’s beautiful music, and rocks quite a bit. Live, they added more energy to all the songs, and played a few new songs that make me look forward to the next album. All in all a very enjoyable show, made even more so by the fact that Jon came along & seemed to enjoy the whole experience.