20 years?

So I don’t know exactly when I started hosting stuff on ulman.net. I know I registered the domain in ’98, but it probably took me some time to get something hosted.

I also know that I can find some (unintelligible) stuff from late 2001/2002. Back then it was just a wiki-like thing that anyone could edit (with an actual edit button on the page). Then php-nuke, with some other phone upload stuff going on.

I noticed today that the old phone photos weren’t alive anymore, but that’s what we have backups for.

I had a good time going through the old phone uploads. This stuff seems like it’s from another era/planet. And often the photos quality makes it LOOK like it’s from another planet:


And this guy says hi from the distant past:

Most Popular

I need to mention that the most common way people get to this site, by far, is to google big nuts.

Thank you, internet.  And you’re welcome, disappointed new visitors.

Now back to our apparently blogging-free summer.


WP-Quotes Admin

It appears that the authors of my quote generator plugin (wp-quotes) are gone, and the last WP upgrade (or maybe earlier, possible I didn’t notice) broke the admin interface to the quote management tool.

Nothing serious, it looks like the call to generate the link in the admin has changed. There are other quote tools out there, but changing would require much more attention than a blog with zero readers deserves. So for anyone else that might be interested, the very simple fix (in plugins/wp-quotes.php) is:

< global $submenu; < $submenu['edit.php'][40] = array(__('Quotes'), 8, 'edit-quotes.php'); --- > add_submenu_page('options-general.php', 'Random Quotes', 'Random Quotes', 8, 'edit-quotes.php', '');

You can find an updated archive if you want here.

On a slightly related note, I’ve now collected enough quotes that I’ll change the font color to something other than the background color.