Year End

I used to do year end lists in another lifetime.

The only thing I have to say this year is this is the best song of the year:

And yes, I know this is a song for old people about being old. But my daughter also loves it…

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Ok, this one’s better…

And it doesn’t pretend anyone has half an hour to devote to this.

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I’m working on quality…

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Destroy, Don’t Develop.

After all the time they spent in court defending their plans for condemning people out of their gentrifying homes in a ‘blighted’ neighborhood, it looks like Atlantic Yards is probably dead.  That’s old news and it’s going to leave a huge hole in the middle of Brooklyn.  Maybe in time we’ll fill it in with something less atrocious than Miss Brooklyn, or maybe it’ll just be a junkie’s delight.

But in terms of tear it down & then have developers back out, how about Coney Island?  Coney Island of decades of entertainment for people who can’t afford the Hamptons fame.  Fuck them I guess.  They’ve started dismanteling, but does anyone really think that they’re going to get billions for the plan?  Not going to happen, and we lose the history, the diversion, the fun.  I wonder how the Cyclones will like being the only thing between the projects and the beach?

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