20 years?

So I don’t know exactly when I started hosting stuff on ulman.net. I know I registered the domain in ’98, but it probably took me some time to get something hosted.

I also know that I can find some (unintelligible) stuff from late 2001/2002. Back then it was just a wiki-like thing that anyone could edit (with an actual edit button on the page). Then php-nuke, with some other phone upload stuff going on.

I noticed today that the old phone photos weren’t alive anymore, but that’s what we have backups for.

I had a good time going through the old phone uploads. This stuff seems like it’s from another era/planet. And often the photos quality makes it LOOK like it’s from another planet:


And this guy says hi from the distant past:

Bike up Hudson

  • Total distance: 50.94 km (31.7 mi)
  • Total time: 2:26:33
  • Moving time: 2:14:40
  • Average speed: 20.85 km/h (13.0 mi/h)
  • Average moving speed: 22.69 km/h (14.1 mi/h)
  • Max speed: 57.04 km/h (35.4 mi/h)
  • Average pace: 2.88 min/km (4.6 min/mi)
  • Average moving pace: 2.64 min/km (4.3 min/mi)
  • Min pace: 1.05 min/km (1.7 min/mi)
  • Max elevation: 193 m (632 ft)
  • Min elevation: 57 m (188 ft)
  • Elevation gain: 561 m (1841 ft)
  • Max grade: 15 %
  • Min grade: -28 %

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