A Slobberbone Weekend

Southpaw’s a brand new place, owned by the same guys who own Maxwell’s in Hoboken, and if it draws anywhere near the talent that Maxwell’s gets it’s going to be great having in Brooklyn. From here it’s only 6 blocks away and will still be an easy subway ride from the new place. The acoustics are good, and it’s just the right size. The bar’s set up close to the stage – good for being close to the beer & bad for being close to the ever present socializers. For some reason the only bathroom is out big gym-doors which are right next to the stage. For quiet shows, like Grant last week, that means constant slamming as people come & go. For shows like this that’s not a problem.

Unfortunately, they forgot to adverttise that there were two opening bands, so I was there an hour before I should have been. I really hate it when people do that just to sell more beer. I like getting there at the right time, and I feel tricked when they don’t tell me what’s really going on. Yes, I played right into their hands. Both opening bands were horrible – generic country band started & generic Brooklyn emo band was next – I was ready to give up & go home at around 11 but somehow managed to stick it out. Good choice

From the opener, Lumberlung, to the end of the set there was nothing but pure, fun, rock. The guys looked like they were having lots of fun, and the crowd was really into it. Slobberbone has groupies! How very strange.

I was dragging the next day, but decided to go into town for the next show anyway. I missed the first few songs, but caught enough to see that it was basically a similar set. Evenly distributed through the four albums, including the new one that’ll be out in September. The new songs sound good – much in the same vein as the older stuff. I’m perfectly happy if they just keep writing good songs the same way, at least for another album or two.

No encores on the first night, but Friday they did an incredible cover of Free World. It would be hard to screw that song up, but it made seeing the show twice worth it.

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