Microsoft Wins!

dpille writes

“In a stunning, sudden victory for Microsoft’s Imperial forces, was overwhelmed Friday with Microsoft Internet Explorer users., previously in the vanguard of the growing “Microsoft-Free Fridays” army, had recently launched a new section of its site without the crucial browser check that would have ensured the site’s Microsoft-impenetrability.
“I’m speechless,” said a frequent visitor to “I had gotten rather used to being excluded on Fridays from the extraordinary entertainment and information available on, due to my rabid support and respect for all things Microsoft. But when somehow I was able to view the page today, I immediately called my handler with the Empire and started spreading the news of’s vulnerability to our dark and insidious magic.”
Those familiar with indicated that traffic at the site was 100% greater, and perhaps even infinitely greater, than the previous Microsoft-Free Friday. The cruel lord Bill Gates responded to these developments by ‘tenting’ his fingers and raspily saying “Infinite!””

Good point – I just added it – matt.

Posted in Legacy, Nuke by Matt at May 4th, 2002.

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