Milk Music

I’ve had this band in my head all year, ever since the night that we wandered into Bruar Falls (rip) during Northside.

We’d spent the night hopping between venues not knowing who was playing or what to expect. We’d seen some interesting stuff (good and bad), but when we saw Milk Music I knew that we’d seen it.  It was crowded, oven-hot, and WAY too late…  and yet there’s nothing better than realizing you’re watching one of your new favorite bands – and it’s a band that you didn’t know existed before they started playing.

Finding their album is a challenge, and I haven’t seen them back in town since then, but there’s a lot of buzz – this could be their year if they ever leave the west coast again.  Over the summer I would have said the vocals were mixed too low and the music was too far from the mainstream to be popular, but in a world where David Comes to Life is the album of the year anything’s possible.  And that’s the world I want to live in.


Posted in Music, Shows by Matt at December 22nd, 2011.

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