My experiment

We’re buying appliances for the new apartment from the Home Depot, and who doesn’t like to save money?  So I purchased quite a few giftcards from Cardpool thinking I could save 8%.  I would like to point out that this was against the Wife’s better judgement.

The sale we trying to catch only lasted two more days, so I needed them to stick to their ‘delivery within one business day’ promise.  After 36 hours passed without hearing anything, even after email support requests, I started  to get nervous.  They have no phone number listed on their site and the number they used in the past as a CS number is just a recording now.  I realize this doesn’t exactly make me look like a super smart guy.  Another support request went unanswered until the 48 hours was nearly up and I received an email saying that because of an ‘inventory problem’, they were refunding my money.

Luckily we can still get to the sale and so I’m just a fool, I’m not a moron.  Is it a scam?  I can’t say.  Here’s hoping that the next person has better luck, but also maybe that they know what to expect.