X, Nvidia & Ubuntu

Thomas Jefferson thought that every law and every constitution should be torn down and rewritten from scratch every nineteen years--which means X is overdue.Six gigs later I find that 32bit ubuntu has no himem support and have to upgrade.

I run the antique nvidia-173 driver because one of the two video cards is a 5200.  My problem after install was a string of errors (EE) No devices detected errors which, as it does, drove me to xorg.conf.  What I realised was that the nvidia-settings thingy had left out the Bus IDs for the cards inserting instead lines like BusID “?@?:?:?”.

lspci to the rescue, and after I inserted the proper IDs (make sure to replace the XX:XX.X format returned by lspci with the XX:XX:X format needed by X), everything’s fine.

Just some keywords in case someone else runs into the same thing.  And it made today’s XKCD that much more enjoyable, finding it as I did after everything was fixed.  I think he has the slope inverted, because I definitely felt pretty good immediately after I got it working.  It’s all downhill from here: every moment brings me closer to the next time I’ll have to muck about with it.

Posted in Code by Matt at October 12th, 2011.

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