Bonsai Fertilizer

I’m really late to the synthetic cannabinoid debate, but now that I’ve caught on a bit I’m fascinated.

If I was a paranoid guy, the headline would be something like:

Chinese exporters in race with FDA to mask and vary the ingredients in synthetic copies of illegal drugs.

Of course the reality is a less scary, but no less interesting.  I admit that from time to time I’ve read up on the latest ‘fake’ drugs, and they’ve always seemed to be just that.  I didn’t expect anything different when I started hearing about K2, but the reality’s quite different.

Imagine a world where they took this opportunity to regulate and tax this stuff instead.  Rather than playing whack-a-mole with each new product, or watching a bunch of kids snarf down acetone laced and unevenly dosed infusions, the FDA instead removes the uncertainty and solves the deficit problem instead.