2nd season, welcome to the playoffs

I love this picture.  The intensity, the anticipation of it falling below the crossbar, the beards (except on the Fin, of course), it’s like time stopped.

I hate Joe Thornton more than I should, but there’s something about a waste of talent that makes me angry.  Consider this:

The outside world continues to say that the Sharks will only go as far as you can carry them. How do you react to that?

“I don’t necessarily believe in that so much,” he said. “Everybody knows that the most important position is goaltending and Nabby’s a big part of this team. Todd has said in the past that it’s not one guy that’s going to carry the load, it’s going to be the team.”

It’s not my fault if we lose.

Posted in Hockey, Sports by Matt at April 30th, 2010.

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