conference semis

I choose to believe, and I am very excited. As a long-suffering fan it’s not ever about this year, it’s about having hope for next year – one glass knee, one growth opportunity and one recovering drunk:

“I’ve made the changes necessary to be a better man, and that’s what I explained to them,” Allen said. “Obviously, we went into greater detail about it. My biggest thing is, you don’t have to hear me tell you how I’ve changed; you can come and see me live. People in the community will get to know me and see, wow, this is how he lives and this is his life.

“The important thing for me to express was these changes were not made just so I would look good in the eyes of the NFL. These changes were made for me as a man and to be a better man for my family, to represent the name on the back of this jersey.”


Posted in Legacy by Matt at April 25th, 2008.

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