Now Here’s a Title, V 0.01

Welcome back.

I’ve grown tired of the whole nuke thing – too much… something- pressure maybe. Anyway, I’m going to play with this again. Nuke is still there, and I might continue to journal or something on it.

This is all part of a migration from the trusty Book PC that’s been my main server for these last two years. Instead, we’re currently running in an Antec QuietPC case. With a 360GB raid 5, this thing now has the space for everything I want. And it is really quiet.

Also, after being a solid RedHat 7.3 guy for these last two or three years, I finally installed Debian (unstable) on the new server. I think RedHat, for all their wanting to be a server OS, was getting way too out there with their releases. I mean 7.3->8.0->9.0? And that’s not just a naming convention, everything I tried on 8.0 was broken. Now, maybe that’s why 9.0 followed so quickly, but I wasn’t about to find out if everything had been fixed. They had their chance. Wow, what a wonderful OS debian is, though. I don’t know how I lived without apt-get all those years. Obviously the installer (or lack thereof, really) is intimidating to a lot of people, but once you get the hang of figuring out hardware/module stuff manually, it’s not that bad.