Emusic.com – Go there. Sign up. Download some stuff. It’s worth it.

Maybe not everyone has the strange mp3 quirks that I do, but I still think that everyone will find something that’s worth the minimum $45 purchase there:

  • Lots of indie labels
  • Decent 128k songs – NO DRM
  • Good ID3 tags, name them as you’d like

Really, my only problem so far, short of the missing labels, is the lack of normalization between albums. The volume differs sometimes wildly.

Yes, they could use more labels, more popular bands. But if you’re looking for new music, this is the place to go. Give it a shot, let me know what you think. There’s a free trial that lets you download 50 songs without charge

I’ve told people before that Napster/Gnutella/Kazaa/etc. are a good idea if you 1) don’t need full albums and 2) don’t mind crappy mp3s. For $10/month, you can now solve both those problems. There’s enough music out there that you don’t need it all – find some good stuff & enjoy.

Posted in Legacy, Nuke by Matt at March 29th, 2003.

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