Matt Ulman in Googlist Poetry

Matt is assumed dead in a bank robbery attempt.
Ulman is considered a hero and role model by many.
Matt is a badass pimp;
Ulman is an example.
Matt is still at large.

Matt is being tested as never before.
Ulman is going to have a taffy pulling before long:
Matt is jerking off.
Ulman is under contract to clean up the site.

Matt is the webmaster.
Ulman is an expert in halachos.
Matt is a megalomaniacal dictator who makes life miserable for everyone on his staff.
Ulman is there communication between all these programs?

Matt is currently in the studio putting together his debut album:
Ulman is the vocalist;
Matt is playing electric guitar again yes;
Ulman is a composer and writer currently.
Matt is in the music management business.
Ulman is not what anyone would call a fan of mtv;
Matt is a critic.
Ulman is said to be “responsive”.

Matt is hear to stay.
Ulman is moving in the near future.
Matt is gone again.
Ulman is nowhere to be.

Posted in Legacy, Nuke by Matt at November 6th, 2002.

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