Hockey’s Different Here

Actually, I probably wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to a game anywhere else, but I’m really tired of New York Sports fans.

ONE game into the season & they’re booing the Rangers. WTF kind of fan is that? And don’t get me started on people walking to their seats in the middle of play. I was at a game last year & this guy wearing a Leafs jersey (gutsy in and of itself) actually yelled at people to sit down. I think I want to move to Toronto.

I took some pictures. The net’s not as distracting as it looks like it would be – for some reason it stands out more in the pictures. While I’m happy to not have to worry about taking one in the head, I sure would’ve liked to have caught a puck. I’m sure they’ll take them down in a year or so.

Posted in Legacy, Nuke by Matt at October 12th, 2002.

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