The biggest check I’ve ever written

It looks like this is going to actually work, so maybe I’ll write a little more about it.

It’s a 720 sf one bedroom in Brooklyn Heights, in a large (140 unit) building on Clinton Street. We were only marginally looking for a place, and had pretty much decided that we were going to wait another year to buy. Still, we were going to see one or two places a week and that picked up a bit after we realized that our rent was going up another 20% this year.

The location’s great, the building’s ok, & the apartment’s good. We got (what we think is) a good deal, and are really excited. It will be nice to finally have a PLACE, and not have to constantly worry about a crazy landlord or schlepping laundry around, or a tiny kitchen.

As of now (7/21), everything’s set with the loan & we’ve put the application into the co-op board. Once we have their approval we’ll be able to close. We’re going to re-do the floors, and hope to move in at the end of August.