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The fact is, I don’t own it, and I might pick it up if I run into it used. J and I keep debating (read: fighting) about LDAPS – I think it sucks. This is worse, and I really liked hubcap. I hear the live show sucks, too. Time to cut bait before LoudBomb

Since the man owns my a** tomorrow, I’ve decided to stay up all nigt solving the eternal question:
Which is better: Lame or bladeenc.

A fairly risky undertaking for someone with over 30 gigs of bladeenc encoded mp3s, but I’ll manage to remain impartial…I swear.

For your listening pleasure*, I’ll include:

My headphones ran out of batteries, and I don’t dare play them this late, what with the wife & tiny apartment & all – but I’d like to know if you find a difference.

* Secret of the easy yoke by Pedro. I’m not cool enough that you haven’t heard of them – I hear the new one’s great. Already have tickets to the BB show. Yes, he’s christian, no I’m not… what’s that make Creed.
Secret of the Easy Yoke.


Posted in Legacy by Matt at April 3rd, 2002.

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