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So you must know I’m not that much of a patriot, but my anti-citizenship still demands we play by the right rules. Check


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And I totally had to edit this again, because an hour later it’s really making my blood boil. This radio station has been reading an announcement once a day for at least the last two weeks saying felons can’t vote. My more mainstream acquaintances can’t understand where I am politically, but then again, if they’re the sort of people likely to make errors like this, it’s no wonder. I mean, look at all the organizations on that Rice page. Nobody noticed all that “equal protection” stuff going on during Florida’s election? Yeah, why not let Florida wrongly deny voting rights to jailed persons resident in other states? While we’re at it, why don’t we publicize that Texas felons can’t vote, that way maybe they won’t. Great public service, Rice, way to go.