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I HATE TICKETMASTER. I’m sure I’m not alone, but I can’t believe these guys can still get away with their shit. Buying spring training tickets today, I got assessed at total of $21 in “order processing charge” OVER the $40 “convenience charge.” What makes me unable to control my temper is there’s no way to avoid an order charge per event- even if you call on the phone, they’ll apply an order charge for each set of tickets you ask for in the same call.

How can this continue?

I can’t believe I’m playing Arctic again.

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I’ve missed S-K, GBV, Wilco, Jay, and probably more others than I’d care to recall because I’m always going to walk down to Irving Plaza to pick up tickets and avoid the service charge – only to get there (or not) and find out that TBastard has all (or none) of the remaining tickets. Having only one large good venue in town has been a pain in my ass for 5+ years.
I always counted myself lucky that the bowery ballroom used Ticketweb, and figured that if I was stupid enough to miss someone when they played there, before moving up to IP, I deserved to miss them. That was before my latest Death Cab purchase, when I found out that TW had, also, decided that it was fair to start charging 20+%.

Maybe I can get folks to start playing my fire escape, if they wouldn’t mind the subway ride

What’s your character’s name?


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